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SeayJay Glassworks is home to an array of modern artwork made by our in-house glass artist, Chris. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Chris studied artforms and color in Santa Fe, Puerto Vallarta, and Vancouver, BC before winding up here in Seattle.

Autumn and Spring Bouquets

A Brief Background

Chris originally had a background in business, but quickly developed a passion for art that took shape while he was in school. He found that creating glass artwork, in particular, had a soothing, sublime effect, and his results looked brilliant. For Chris, there is nothing quite like taking a flat piece of glass and turning it into a delicate flower.

He has evolved as an artist over the years, learning something new from every piece that he created. It became very meditative and self-fulfilling to create new pieces, he practically had to start selling them. Thankfully, people love them and were wanting to buy them, so he started making sales through retail and commission. Chris looks forward to crafting something just for you.